Outdoor Wireless Motion Detector

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  • Model: MD-OD-002C
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Product Description

(Compatible with ES10C and ES10GSM panel) PIR detectors send signal to the Main Digital Keypad/Auto-Dialer unit and activate the alarm when an intruder moves around the protected area. Built-in smart technology senses both heat and movement. Senses work in light or dark conditions 24 hours a day.

The outdoor wireless motion detector has 2 dual PIR sensors with high accurate human motion recognition to prevent animals from triggering false alarms. It also has the function of automatic memory of environmental change to prevent false alarms from hot&cold air, and lights.

Power: 9V UPS power adapter (with built-in backup battery)
Detection range:11.6m X 11.6m
alarm output: NC >100mA, 28VDC
Anti white light resistance: >20000LUX
Installation height: 2m-2.7m from ground
Tamper switch: NC>100mA, 28VDC
Motion test:0.2m/s-3.5m/s
Size:176mm x 85mm x 69mm